Communications due to Coronavirus


We are still operating at full capacity for any questions you may have and will continue to roll out your consulting and compliance needs as required.

We are here to help you with any questions or strategies you may need assistance with.

By the end of this week, Friday 27th March, 2020 and possibly earlier, our physical office will be closed down but our virtual office will be fully functional by Tuesday, 24th March. This will allow an orderly transition to your needs.

In respect to our physical office, we will only be taking urgent appointments and/or to receive your records to process compliance needs. This is subject to any non-essential services shut down or lockdown in which case, all our meetings are cancelled. In this respect, could you please contact your relevant partner to arrange a time thereon. All partner’s mobile numbers appear below and all staff members and partner’s emails are listed below for your records. We encourage you to use emails, mobiles, phones, (our office phone is still functional), facetime and zoom conference calls. In other words, we will meet any mode of communication that you may require from us.

As an office policy we will not be meeting clients aged over 75 years to protect their health and mitigate risk. We will try and update you with business and tax bulletins including any relief announcements to the best of our ability so you can stay informed and help you and assist you, with your BAS and loan requirements if required to seek relief. We respectively ask that any payments due to us during this period, if possible, be paid directly by EFT.

We are there to support you and your business as our client’s physical health and business health is paramount to our own business.

We wish all of our wonderful clients health and strength through this challenging crisis.


Tom Loewy 0419 327 504
Mark Lindsay 0414 361 993
David Glass 0411 279 888
Roman Garbuz 0422 408 515
Anthony Su 0401 609 816
Joshua Stein 0425 228 424

Staff Members
Joe Kifley
Yang Sun
Nathan Yehuda
Ring Chen
Reddy Narsareddygari
Shirley Han
Theo Theore
Lorraine Blanco
Kim Lindsay
Gabriela Krejci
Susie Loewy
Alex Pang
Deborah Dreyer


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Steven Rom
CEO Avstev Group, Raymond Weil, Girard-Perregaux, Frederique Constant