Tax Compliance

When it comes to planning, structuring and managing taxation, the team at Loewy Consulting Partners have a thorough knowledge of general and specific areas of taxation law to help clients minimise tax and avoid penalties. Our taxation specialists are committed to staying up-to-date with amendments to tax laws and clients benefit from tailored advice on how to best structure their businesses in response to relevant changes.

As well as structuring the most appropriate and cost-effective businesses model, Loewy Consulting Partners educates clients to be conversant with Australian Federal and State tax compliance requirements by conducting regular reviews of client affairs. Over the years Loewy Consulting Partners has also helped many clients negotiate with the ATO regarding taxation disputes and debt management arrangements.

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The fact that Directors' of Loewy Consulting Partners take a personal interest in the outcomes for our business makes the difference.

Peter Wohl
Director Summit Group, Aged Care Provider