Aged Care

The aged care industry is heavily influenced by continuing changes to federal and state laws and policies. Loewy Consulting Partners specialist accountants are consistently up-to-date with all relevant changes and assist clients with negotiating the fine line between achieving maximum financial returns and maintaining appropriate service standards. With the increase in consumer expectations, rising competition and increased financial pressures, Loewy Consulting Partners has the refined industry insight to place clients operating within the aged care industry on a path to continued success.

Loewy Consulting Partners can manage some or all of the financial functions within aged care and assists clients in identifying, and making the most of, unique strengths and opportunities. Loewy Consulting Partners has years of experience in conducting due diligence, detailed feasibility studies for new sites, aged care facility operational and system reviews, change management and specialised taxation consulting. With Loewy Consulting Partners’s sound financial management, clients are able to do what they do best within the industry, enhancing productivity and ensuring that residents are receiving adequate care. In this sophisticated lending space, Loewy Consulting Partners also has a high level of experience in assisting clients with obtaining finance.

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The fact that Directors' of Loewy Consulting Partners take a personal interest in the outcomes for our business makes the difference.

Peter Wohl
Director Summit Group, Aged Care Provider