Medical Professionals

Loewy Consulting Partners has a team of accountants who specialise in the medical profession and understand the specific tax and compliance laws as well as the particular day-to-day medical accounting requirements, ranging from preparing regular business activity statements (BAS) through to calculating capital gains tax and valuing medical businesses. Loewy Consulting Partners sets up and manages business structures to minimise tax and increases financial returns for medical practitioners using financial techniques such as maximising tax deductions, salary packaging and Fringe Benefits Tax allowances.

Loewy Consulting Partners’s prominence in the medical accounting field has led to their appointment as Director of Content for, the largest medical professional website in Australia.

At Loewy Consulting Partners, the partners are very familiar with medical career paths and the changing requirements at each progressive stage. A long-term approach is applied to ensure continued optimal trading activities, careful planning and successful investments along the way.

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Steven Rom
CEO Avstev Group, Raymond Weil, Girard-Perregaux, Frederique Constant