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In these days of increased tax audit activity and tax office scrutiny and vigilance we think it is imperative for business people and high net worth individuals to cover for professional fees incurred as a result of a tax office audit or investigation.

We suggest you contact your insurer to ensure you have a tax audit insurance policy. This should if possible cover income tax, GST and state taxes.

If your insurer doesn’t provide this cover we suggest you ring one of the following providers Biz Cover, Tax Audit Insurance Australia, and Proclaim Insurance thereon. This is not a recommendation but an advice of insurer’s who offer this service.

We strongly recommend in the current environment you attend to  the above.

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I would like to say that Loewy Consulting Partners provide prompt and helpful advice in processing my income tax and in dealing with the Australian taxation office and highly recommend their services to my colleagues. The staff are friendly and always available to assist with knowledgeable advice.

Dr Robert Mansberg
MB BS FRACP, Consultant Physician in Nuclear Medicine, Concord and Nepean Hospitals, Clinical Lecturer, Discipline of Imaging, University of Sydney